Unsafe Hoverboards

Here in the UK, hoverboards in 2015 are now very big business and many different types and makes are now on sale
large companies such as Argos and Comet were selling out fast and could not keep up with demand.
However during the months November and December 17,000 boards had been tested after complaints from customers about safety, it was found that over 85% were found to be unsafe others were found not have the correct safety certificates.

The main concerns are the power cables, chargers and 3 pin plugs that come with the smartboards/hoverboards,
these were found to cause explosions and fire and did not meet UK, EU, or CE, standards, the English public were being warned
NOT to buy from any untrusted sources on the Internet who are being supplied by suppliers in China.

The government asked the British public to check the packaging and manuals for writing faults,
such as spelling mistakes and badly written English, this would show the board is an import, usually from China...
so the advise was do not buy!

Faults found in many of the cheap imported boards began being reported in our news papers, on the radio and on live TV, in 2015 even though I may not have been the first to introduce the SMARTBOARD to the UK in 2013, I certainly was one of the very first to start selling them here on my web site priced at around £700.
I felt earlier this year to address the situation regarding the influx of cheap imports and disassociated myself from the sale of the boards by taking them off my site.

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